Founded in 2003, EMPRENDE EMPLEO is a non-profit association that promotes cooperation between entities throughout Europe to promote European values.

For this, we focus mainly in the field of Education and training for Young people, VET and Adult Education.

We  contribute to improving the quality of Education and the training of associated entities through the development of European projects that facilitate innovation and the exchange of good practices.

We  also support and organize training programs, conferences, mobilities, cooperating and collaborating with national and international organizations.

Our projects and training courses based in non formal education meet the quality criteria and the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme, such as the development of basic and transversal skills, entrepreneurship, digital skills, new teaching methodologies, integration and interculturalism, among others.

We offer several programmes in the field of education, training and youth sectors supported by  Erasmus Plus.

The priorities that our NGO addresses are: 

  • The development of ETC competences for Youth Workers and Youth Trainers
  • The development of basic and transversal skills such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism;
  • The development of basic social skills such as interculturality and  integration, intergenerational cooperation, inclusión, gender equality
  • The contribution to innovative aproches in skilling of adults and young people;
  • New teaching methodologies in VET, adult education, youth work; 
  • Sustainable strageties for social entrepreneurship in rural and depopulated areas